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Domes: Geodesic & Alternative

Bucky Fuller Institute - Geodesics

Concrete Dome - How To Instructions

conduit domes


Dome home kits

Domes Northwest


DOMTEC ® International; Concrete Dome Builder

Energy Structures,Inc.

Formactive - 24 Foot Plydome

Formactive - Aluminum Foil Dome

Garden Dome

Geodesic Domes - Aluminum Frame and Cloth Cover

Geodesic Domes

Geodesic House Structure

Good Karma Geodesic Domes

Lloyd Turner - Ferrocement domes & Airforms

Natural Habitat Domes

Natural Spaces Domes SuperLoc!

Pacific Domes - Geodesic Dome Shelters

Portable Dome Shelters

South East Domes & SeaTreck Geodesics

The Monolithic Dome

R. Buckminster Fuller - FAQ (Geodesic Domes)

Timberline Geodesic Domes

Octahedral Geodesic Domes

Dome Patents

Dome Models

Geodesic Domes - Worldflower Garden Domes

Geodesic Principles

Dome Home Building Kits

Starship-Enterprises.Com (Geodesic Dome Pipe Frames)

Ecobusinesslinks.com - Dome Homes

Buckminster.info - Dome Builders Handbook 2

Domehomedepot.com - Dome Builders

Domedesigner.com - Builders Manual

Great Lakes Dome Company (Canada)

Suspension Domes

Sedonadome.com - Article 'The Dome Gains Weight and Settles Down'

Warren Slocum

Natural Spaces Domes - Dome School (pdf)

Prefab-home-buying-guide.com - Dome Homes Manufacturers & Builders

Gardenweb.com - Thinking about Buying a Geodesic Dome (Forum)

Geni.org - 1995 Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium

Geodesiclifestyle.com - Links

Offsite-built.com - Geodesics & Circular Homes

Calearth.org - Eco-Dome

Cement.org - Shotcrete

Owner Builder Loan Services - Construction Loans for Owner Built Homes

Burningman.com - Dome Builders want to build from the top down? (Forum)

LINKS > Yurts & Green Buildings

Shelter (Book) - With over 1000 photographs, Shelter is a classic book celebrating the imagination, resourcefulness, and exuberance of human habitat. First published in 1973, the book's Preface gives birth to the "Green Building" revolution of today.

Shelter-Systems - Shelter Systems invented and manufactures the Worlds Strongest Dome Tents: for the materials used there is no stronger tent. Our structures have been serving people around the world for over 30 years. We manufacture a wide range of patented Tensegrity and Geodesic structures using our own tarp fasteners, "Grip Clips." All Shelter Systems' structures are "shingled," with the panels overlapping each other to make a totally waterproof and yet breathable shelter.

Our portable Geotensic ™ YurtDomes ™ are known for their lightweight construction and strength as well as for the large amount of light they let in. They are made with a strong, tear-resistant fabric and non-puncturing tarp fasteners. They are truly portable and guaranteed to be leak proof. These Domes and Yurts have served as family living spaces, camping tents, emergency shelters, studios, playrooms, retreats, fair pavilions, expedition tents, research tents, and more. Note that on this site we use the terms domes and yurts interchangeably.

Shelter Systems offers the gardener a wide variety of gardening greenhouses: GroDomes, GroRows, Row Covers, Bubble Domes, CrystalCaves, and Solariums.

Green Home Building - Find a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.

LINKS > Solar Power

Check out my other site http://www.floridasolarpanels.com.

SolarPowerDirectory.com - The Solar Power Directory is a web-based state-by-state directory of solar power and alternative energy installation companies around the USA. SolarPowerDirectory.com state guides also feature links to additional alternative energy products and services including: wind power, bio-diesel, solar pool and hot water heating systems.

YourSolarPowerHome.com - Background information for those thinking of installing home solar power systems.

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Hot Tubs  - Hundreds of name brand hot tubs in inventory ready to ship. 


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