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Hexadome Building Prototype Preliminary Design Package only $10 (includes USA postage). The drawings include all of the dimensions and angles. I hired an engineer to bring the plans up to current Florida Building Codes. I am not ready to offer these but am willing to see if these could be incorporated into your individual project.

I am available as a consultant and in the near future hope to offer finished plans and components, such as the hubs that connect the members of the structure. For me developing the hubs was one of the most difficult parts of the project. I used the specifications in the Architects drawings to cut the cores out of wood and used brackets made by Simpson which are available at Lowes or Home Depot that matched the necessary code requirements. Any good carpenter could probably do a better job than I did but I was proud of how mine came out (see photos below). All of the parts in the plans are available through Lowes or Home Depot. I shopped around and used recycled windows and a front door. I also used telephone poles and salvaged bolts from my local power company where I could.

Helpful hint #1: Be nice to your building inspector. If your not sure about something, ask them first. You might even like him or in my case her and if you come across asking them if your ideas are all right, they don't fail it if it is how they told you to do it. I got my final inspection a few months back and would like to see some more of these out there. My house, which is the unimproved version of these plans, is more than 30 years old and on its second roof shingles. It is holding up quite well.

My dome home is a 32 foot diameter with three various size extensions and a loft coming in around 1400 square feet. The utility dome is slightly less than 28 feet in diameter with three 8 foot extensions coming in at 1060 square feet. My reason for downsizing was so that the base of all the triangles is 8 feet and one 4x8 sheet of plywood would cover one triangle. My "workshop dome" has very few frills, gravel and plywood floor, one 30 amp electrical service, recycled doors and windows. Including one new Lowes garage door, I estimate around $6,000 in materials and hopefully less than $1,000 for hired help.

Order your HEXADOME plans today for ONLY $10! (6 pages, 8.5x11). Price includes postage & handling, and tax (USA only). Email me for orders!

This structure can be used as a utility dome, a studio, labaratory, workshop, barn, storage space, garage, etc. Here are some photos of the building of the dome I built using the plans I am offering.


I am a retired technician and a licensed handy man. I would like to stay involved in building domes. I also have approved plans with 2012 Florida wind loads etc. I'm willing to work as a consultant, not a contractor. If I can assist you about how I did it, contact me at tomprahl@outlook.com.


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