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Tom Prahl, founder of FloridaDomes.com & The International Dome Registry

I am W. T. Prahl. I go by my middle name, Tom. I was named after my grandfather W.T. States, who was an architect and inventor, among other things. He died the year before I was born, but left his mark on my family history. I have always been interested in building things and am fortunate to have had parents who encouraged it. As a kid I built countless models and some killer forts and tree houses. After the Navy, I did some time in the building trade. I was exposed to my first dome structure in the early 1970's. When I finally got around to building something for myself in 1982, I chose a dome structure that I could understand. I got a book on what was called a hexadome. It showed how to build a kit house out of 24 triangles and a few other parts. Their method involved use of a crane for final assembly. I used their dimensions for the foundation and designed some simple hub assemblies where I could build a frame, one member at a time, with a conventional sub frame and roof. The rest is history that I have been living in for more than 20 years now. I have wanted to build more of these since before I finished the first one, but life happens. I am still in the process of building a (dome barn/ work shop/ laboratory/studio...). If interested, contact floridadomes@gmail.com

Check out my other site www.FloridaSolarPanels.com

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